The dirty dog detailing Experience

Let us be your guide into the world of detailing. Avoid swirl marks and scratches at the car wash, get the exact results you are looking for, and have your car(s) professionally detailed on your property without having to spend your own time bringing it to a shop. Founded and operated by John Marino, PharmD, Dirty Dog Detailing is your go-to high-end mobile detailing service. We are professional, licensed and insured. We use high-quality products and techniques for safe and effective detailing. We treat your vehicles as if they are our own. As a car enthusiast himself, John takes pride in completely transforming vehicles and creating a work of art, so much so that he decided to pursue his passion for cars full-time over a career in pharmacy after completing a Pharmacy Doctorate Degree in 2020.

why is going to a car wash hARMFUL TO my car?

Although an automated car wash or self-wash station might seem like a convenient and cheap way to wash your car, the resulting damage can be extremely costly.

It’s that dreaded moment we can all relate to. Your perfectly new and shiny car starts to show signs of swirl marks and hazy holograms. Unless you never really cared too much about taking good care of your car or just didn't know much about vehicle upkeep, I’m sure you can relate to how frustrating it would be to seeing your paint damaged after trying to do what you think is best for it.

Car washes are harmful to your car mainly because the brushes used are usually not properly maintained and thus, make deep micro scratches on the car’s surface, also called swirl marks.Think of all the dirt that gets trapped in the brushes from all of the cars that have gone in before you. The swirl marks can appear after just one visit, but in time, after repeated washes, the damage builds, eventually resulting in the paint becoming dull and the scratches extremely visible. I have had to paint correct vehicles with under 10,000 miles on them because of the horrible swirls and micro scratches that they had. This was all because the owners frequently used an unlimited wash plan at a local car wash.

Car washes also use lower quality products like soaps with detergents that can strip waxes and harm a ceramic coating over time. We only use pH balanced soap and other high-grade products that produce the best results for our clients.